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emk Modules

emk provides various modules for common build tasks. Here is a list of the currently provided modules; the heading of each section is a link to that module’s detailed documentation.

Utils Module

The Utils module contains various utility functions and build rules such as creating directories, removing or copying files, or setting up patterns for cleaning.

C/C++ Module

The C module provides automatic detection and compilation of C and C++ source code. It leverages the Link module for creating libraries and executables.

The Link module can build static and dynamic libraries, and links executables. It provides automatic detection of executables (files that contain a main() functions) from source code or from compiled object files.

Java Module

The Java module provides automatic detection and compilation of Java code, as well as the automatic creation of a jar file for each directory. It will also autodetect classes that contain a main() method; for each class with a main() method, the Java module will create an executable jar.